High Energy Dance PL/ENG | Kasia Chojnacka

Do you like to dance?

Great, us too!

What if you met a group of fellow groovers and boogie without any inhibitions ?

High Energy Dance is all about having fun while shaking the day away with a wide smile! Forget choreography, we are not here to try to perfect our steps, impress anyone or be serious. Just play with your body movement – anybody can do it!

Expect creative dance challenges in a welcoming atmosphere with no limits and no judgement. Think of challenges like „putting your hands in the air when you hear a particular word in a song” or acting – „dancing like a snake„. If you don’t feel like doing the challenges, the music alone will be great anyway, so you can just dance your own thing – that’s totally fine too!

Dare to go big with your dance moves! Let’s boogie together online to favourite dance hits

But I can’t dance…

You do not need dance skills – it’s all about playful dance attitude! Work on your shame that prevents you from dancing, we are all beautiful human beings and our bodies deserve to have some fun

 I’m busy, I have children…

Bring them along, they will have fun too – all ages welcome! 

Prowadząca: Katarzyna Chojnacka

Czas trwania: 1h

Data i godzina: sobota | saturday 16:00 – 17:00

Miejsce: White Tent

Liczba osób: bo | no limits

Dla Kogo: Everyone + kids

Bobasy: yes | kids friendly

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